If not now, when?

I find that the single greatest challenge with my coaching clients is a reluctance to act. My college-degreed clients acting instincts have weathered with years. They calculate, ponder, benchmark, map, think, ponder some more. Don’t get me wrong, being smart and calculated about a decision is wise and prudent, but more often than not, the decisions my clients need to make are not life or career ending, they are about opportunity and fulfillment.

By |October 29th, 2020|Business Strategy, Executive Coaching|

Blowing in the Rain

I’ve got a nut problem. Truly. My driveway is covered in nuts. The squirrels sit in the trees that tower over my property and they nibble away, tossing down the shells and debris. In the grand scheme of life, the nuts are not a major issue, but when my kids hop on their scooters and cruise full speed down the driveway, they hit the nuts and crash. So, while the nuts are not the issue themselves, they are catalysts for skinned knees, bruised legs, and tears. None of us are immune to the nut debris in our lives, but my challenge to you and your team is this: can you identify the problem and then blow the driveway clean.

By |October 15th, 2020|Executive Coaching, Mindset|

Attitude Adjustment Needed

The blessings of work from home (WFH) have been replaced by the fatigue of boundaryless-borders; you can’t figure out where work starts and home stops, and where home life begins and work ends. And while we all love our kids, let’s not kid ourselves, they are like wild animals removed from their habitat, they always find a way back to their natural environment, often at the most inopportune times.

By |September 17th, 2020|Executive Coaching, Mindset|

Little (House) Fires Everywhere

The weather this summer has been hot, so my family has spent a lot of time playing with hoses and water. One afternoon my three-year-old son decided it would be a good idea to hose off the garage, every inch of it. Eventually, we created a game out of it called Fire. We pretend the garage is on fire and my son gets to spray it down with water. However, one afternoon I found him hosing off the interior of my car and that’s when I decided we needed some structure.

By |September 4th, 2020|Business Strategy, Executive Coaching|

Overcoming Succession Planning Challenges in a Family-Run Business

Did you know that only 30% of family businesses successfully make it to a second generation? Most dissolve because of friction, avoidable misunderstandings, and mishandling of the transition. This low rate of success in transitioning to the next generation is why establishing a comprehensive and well thought out succession plan is critical for the long-term, multi-generational success of a family-run business.

The Importance of Improving Non-Verbal Communication

Whether or not we are consciously aware of it, communication is revealed through our body language as well as our speech. When sharing a physical space, we pick up on cues we have been learning to read since childhood. For many of us, it’s second nature to notice the intense tone in someone’s voice and know they are feeling upset or to observe hunched shoulders and a lowered head and know someone is feeling uncomfortable.

By |June 6th, 2020|Communication Strategy, Executive Coaching|

The Value of Coaching During A Crisis

Even in the best of times, it is useful to have an executive coach for guidance, encouragement, and focus. In difficult times, though, the importance of coaching can be critical. Tasks, which at any other time would be so simple and second nature, may now require complete reimagining. Strategic plans need to be rethought. Entire offices shifted to home workplaces and back again with entirely new and necessary safety regulations.

By |May 30th, 2020|Executive Coaching, Leadership Development|
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