Bench, helping
individuals and families
harness their potential.

Bench, helping individuals and families harness their potential.

There is so much potential in the world, much of it unfulfilled.

I see potential in people who allow their thoughts and behaviors to become the barriers to unimaginable outcomes. I see potential in the families-in-business that have allowed the seeds of dissent to grow into weeds of distrust that choke off continuity from one generation to the next. And I see it in organizations plagued by disparaging cultures and misguided management that manifests in operational and organizational friction.

Underneath all this unspeakable potential is an opportunity to change course and harness the power of perspective, perseverance, cooperation, compassion, understanding, and action. I help individuals and families surface their potential with the aim of actualizing the opportunities before them so they can build better lives and businesses for themselves, their families, and their world.

Are you ready to get off the bench?

I knew I needed help…someone who would challenge my self-awareness, my true aspirations and help me map out a path forward. I had aspirations and knew I had valuable competencies; thanks to my sessions with Josh, I was able to better articulate those, staying true to my story and landing that promotion I was seeking.

Heather J.

I had the pleasure of working with Josh Gentine to help me prep for pursuing a board of director role with companies in the Food and Beverage industry. He brought up some very good points and thought‐provoking questions for me to think through. I would highly recommend Josh for an executive coaching engagement. He brings a fresh perspective to the table that can benefit other executives, entrepreneurs and leaders in business and in our communities.

Curt Reynolds, Director of Transportation and Logistics Business Johnsonville, LLC

My work with Josh and the insights he helped me discover have been highly impactful in my professional and personal interactions. I plan to engage Bench in my upcoming high-profile talent decisions.

Matt Smith, Vice President, UNC Health

My only regret is that we didn’t work with Josh earlier. His concise organizational assessments and insights would have led us to make different personnel decisions, decisions that ultimately cost us time and money. The insights Josh provides founders and CEOs are critical to the effective operation of a team and its ability to execute on its strategy.

Rob Joyce, Partner, Bull Moose Financial

Between my military career and my work as a venture-backed founder, I’ve studied leadership and human behavior at depth, however, my work with Josh provided insight that I never knew about myself. His insights will undoubtedly have a profound impact on my team and our work.

Nick Black, Founder, CEO GoodUnited, Inc.

Josh’s work with our team was a catalyst for changing how we approach everything from operations to talent strategies and his one-on-one work proved invaluable to my personal and professional growth.

Nick Bauer, Founder, Managing Partner Operose Advisors

Josh has a special calling and gift. He is able to see the forest for the trees; to help others dive into the deep confines of their subconscious (yes, almost like a Business Therapist!) and come out on the other side with a personalized plan that fosters growth and success while applying your individual strengths and talents.

Jaclyn Qualter, RN, MS, A-CTTP, APRN-BC, Nurse Practitioner & Founder Advanced Certified TeleMedicine & TeleHealth Provider